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Finder for Fitbit - an app to find your lost Fitbit®

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This app really works to help you Find your Fitbit! With over 500,000 + downloads, it speaks for itself!

These are all genuine reviews from very happy users whom have emailed us or made an App review on the App Store

"Thought it fell in yoga class 😥 App worked like a charm! It was actually at home, misplaced. For this would give it a 5⭐️ rating!" - prpearcern

"Thought my fitbit was gone for good - but I found it in the pile of clothes. Thank you so much for this app!" - hildrele

"Lost my Flex in the house! The all got the signal right away. Just walked around to the stringed signal and there it was!" - TomTyo

"My fit bit was lost for over a week! I thought it was gone forever! In my first attempt, I tried this app for about a half hour, I gave up and paid for a different app that didn't end up working either. However, after I removed the fit bit device from my Bluetooth settings this finder was able to track it better and found it within a few minutes. This is definitely worth it and don't pay any money for A different app. This one is enough if you just adjust your settings to allow it to search properly." - Sls918

"Great app for finding misplaced Fitbit! Thanks so much!" - OBXJEN

"I hate to admit that this is the first time I am rating an app, but it is. I was actually surprised to find an app for this purpose. This app is not perfect, I had two false finds. If there are other electronic remotes/devices in the area you might get a false find. But, on the 3rd time, I found it. I had thrown in it away with the trash, I was bringing from my car after charging the Flex on my ride home. Although it would have been a process of elimination, I probably wouldn't have gone into the garbage before trash day and I would have lost my beloved Flex. Thank you so much for this free app!!!!!!!!!!" - Robert95600

"I've misplaced my Fitbit One multiple times and this app has helped me find it each and every time. Priceless." - myrtlebscott

"I would recommend this application. Saved me a lot of heart ache" - H2343762

"I had been working in the woods removing deadwood and when I went in the house I found my fit bit was missing. I knew there was never a chance I was going to find it under all the leaves and limbs. Loaded this app went out and found it within two minutes. AWESOME app. Thanks!" - LKS1960